Why I just canceled Netflix

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Netflix is integrated nicely into the 6-Tuner TV Roamio Pro (still $300 off with a Lifetime membership as I write this) I purchased in late October. Initially, I thought I’d use Netflix more as a result, but the truth is I’ve watched hardly any Netflix at all since then.

Between all the stuff I’m DVR-ing off of cable and Amazon Prime streaming (which I don’t watch a ton of either, but  more than Netflix) there’s just no need for Netflix. Streaming to devices from my DVR, even within my home, was kind of a pain in the ass before getting the Roamio, and in days of yore, I’d often watch Netflix, HBO Go or the Xfinity app on my devices instead of jumping through the hoops my old DVR setup require.

But streaming in-home works great on the TiVo and lately 99% of the time there’s something I’d rather watch on my DVR than from anywhere else.

I figure if once  year I want Netflix for a month, giving up my grandfathered $7.99/month rate and paying the extra buck isn’t a big deal.  That is, $8.99/year for a month of service I’d use is less than $95.88/year.

Someday I think Netflix will need to start some kind of BS ~$25 re-activation fee in an attempt to at least discourage the decision making process I used. But for now, signing back up will be pretty much as easy as canceling was.

And props to Netflix, they make canceling very easy and even keep the account active to the end of your current billing cycle.

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