iPhone users with newer Macs will love the forthcoming Yosemite OS update

I’ve been using the beta of Apple’s forthcoming 10.10 update to its operating system dubbed “Yosemite” for a while. For the most part it has been an evolutionary update because  the biggest update in Yosemite in my opinion is that it more easily allows for your iOS devices (with iOS8) to communicate with the Mac operating system and vice versa. But until 10 days ago I didn’t have any devices with iOS 8 to test those features.

Sadly for me it turns out that my 3+ year old iMac’s bluetooth hardware can’t take advantage of the Bluetooth 4.0 low energy standard and so most of the continuity/handoff features between iOS 8 and Yosemite don’t work. But one feature does work: if a call comes on the iPhone 6 it rings on the phone, on the iPad Air (which was upgraded to iOS 8) and on the iMac w/the Yosemite beta. The first time that happened the cacophony of ringing startled me!

I don’t envision taking (m)any phone calls on the iPad or the iMac, but it increases the likelihood I won’t miss a call, and more importantly, significantly decreases the need to get up and grab the phone to see who’s calling or dismiss the call. That’s damn handy.

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