I love FX’s ‘The Bridge’ but experiment with Comcast was not for me


I’m a big fan of FX’s ‘The Bridge’ currently in its second (and hopefully not last) season. Earlier this season I was trying to get someone to watch it so I suggested Comcast’s On Demand for catch-up. I noticed the experiment pointed out here by USA Today. It definitely caught my eye that they were making the following week’s episode available a week before it aired.

That part of the experiment taught me something: I value not having any commercials (or at least being able to easily skip past them) more than I value not waiting the extra week.  The USA Today article noted that:

The new experiment also is an attempt to push the envelope in the pay-TV industry’s ongoing effort to move viewers away from the DVR to on-demand catalogs that are getting more comprehensive and typically disable commercial fast-forwarding.

I don’t blame the networks for dabbling, but think ┬áthis will be far more attractive for the ~50% of the households in the U.S. that don’t have DVRs and won’t get much (or any) traction with DVR viewers.

I might be an outlier when it comes to many things but when it comes to being a DVR owner who loves skipping commercials, I’m pretty typical.

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  1. In Europe, we see the number of quality DVR devices available to buy dropping drastically. This appears to be tied to device manufacturers themselves increasingly trying to get into the streaming market – most satellite receivers and Blu-Ray players come with preinstalled links to the Sony shop, the Samsung shop etc. where everything is tvod/ppv.


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