‘Highly Questionable’ goes on vacation until September 8 (and again until September 15)

Update: ‘Highly Questionable’ did indeed return on 9/8 – for one episode (in a brand new studio) before getting the rest of the week off. A nice schedule if you can get it! The show is back on 9/15 with a full week’s (Monday-Friday) worth of episodes scheduled.

Original post:

After being suspended by ESPN  two days last week for the LeBron billboard, Dan Le Batard (and his father, and Bomani Jones) returned on Monday. Then they had a scheduled off day on Tuesday, were back today and will now be off until September 8, 2014.

Despite the crack at the end of the video above it’s a scheduled stoppage not a suspension.

That’s a pretty good gig: suspended for 2 days, work 2 days and then get nearly 4 weeks off.

I found it interesting when uploading the above video to YouTube that the YouTube canned tags list Dan as a “TV personality” while Bomani is merely a “person”.  I couldn’t find a canned tag for the real star of the show.

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