Pasting Excel tables into WordPress

If you have a site that posts a lot of data and you get a lot of that data in Excel spreadsheets and you use self-hosted WordPress, and you were on certain versions of Excel you might have experienced some problems since WordPress upgraded to version 3.9 last April. For some of you, those problems … Read more

‘We’re dead set against stealing movies and TV shows, but here’s an amazingly easy way to do it!”

While the main gist was “you’ll be able to use AirPlay to beam it to your TV via an Apple TV”, two things caught my eye in this post about Popcorn Time: That an iOS app for Popcorn Time will allegedly be made available in the official Apple iOS App Store and not something that … Read more

So many “clouds” but I’m down to just two: iCloud and OwnCloud

I use iOS devices and my iPhone is my camera, so I use iCloud for syncing calendar & contacts as well as automatically uploading any pictures I’ve taken to a desktop or laptop. That works pretty well for me, and as long as I’m living in the iOS world, I can’t imagine not using iCloud … Read more

Twitter is building for the most users, not the users who use it the most

The Twitterati is up in arms this week about changes to some versions of Twitter that insert tweets the people you follow favorite, and some of the people they follow into your Twitter timelines. This has caused some “will this change how I use the “favorite” option?” handwringing. How can I be too pissed about … Read more