Thanking @Ryan for saving me ~$1000 on my Comcast bill for the next year while getting better service!

I did not miss the epic 8 minute recording of Ryan Block’s attempt to cancel his Comcast service. It’s a tough listen for sure. But I gutted it out enough to at least hear the part where the Comcast rep says something like “I can save you more than $100/mo. over what you’re currently paying!” My eyes … Read more

15 years later and most homes still don’t have a DVR

tivo-roamio-proInertia is hard.

It’s been almost 15 years since I got my first DVR. If you follow a lot of TV media coverage like I do, nobody could fault you for thinking that DVRs are in nearly 100% of homes. That’s almost certainly the case for TV media professionals.

But heading into the 2013-14 television season, nearly 14 years after the dawn of DVRs, Nielsen estimated that slightly less than 47% of homes* were equipped with DVRs.

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TV for the hard of hearing – using iPhone earpods with your TV

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 1.11.30 PM

Though my hearing tests normal for someone my age, several years ago I began to notice some occasional difficulty when watching dramatic television or movies. I don’t have any problems with sports, news, talk shows, etc., but programming with a musical scores and sound effects was  problematic.

To get the volume loud enough where I could comfortably hear dialog, the music/special effects were uncomfortably loud resulting in constantly turning the volume up and down.

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If I wanted to wear a (smart) watch it would probably be this one

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 6.05.43 PM

I’m not  a huge fan of the quantified lifestyle but I like to walk a fair bit so I’ve been using fitness trackers for the past two years. I started with a FitBit One and liked it just fine but lost it after about a year. I replaced it with a FitBit Flex which is worn on the wrist.

There are definitely a couple of advantages to wearing activity trackers on your wrist, but after nearly a decade of not wearing anything on my wrist I didn’t love wearing something on my wrist. So I replaced the Flex with a FitBit Zip. The Zip is a downgrade from the One since it can’t track steps climbed and a downgrade from both the One and the Flex since it can’t track sleep.

But I lost the Zip after a few months and replaced it with a WiThings Pulse*. I found the Zip about two weeks later and usually carry both it and the Pulse.

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