Accessing HBO on Xfinity on Demand via TiVo Roamio (Video)

When I came back to “Team TiVo” about 9 months ago I was looking for something and found Dave Zatz’ blog. It’s not all-TiVo all the time, but it covers both popular and obscure video tech that I’m curious about, so I’ve become a regular reader. Yesterday I saw Dave tweet the following: Speaking of … Read more

SHARKNADO 2 doesn’t quite get ringing “Highly Questionable” endorsement the original received

I’m not suggesting that ESPN2’s “Highly Questionable” picks determine success, but still note the show did not unanimously endorse Sharnado 2: The Second One as it did the original a year ago.  Dan said “No” this year, though Bomani called him a liar and made him wear the “sí” anyway. Last year it was sí across … Read more