Forcing a 5GHz connection to an Airport Time Capsule (for AC and/or better WiFi) is easy

I got an Airport Time Capsule nearly a year ago. It supports the 802.11AC WiFi protocol, but until the iPhone 6 I didn’t have any devices that could take advantage of it. I’d assumed my devices, even the majority of which are lowly 802.11N capable, would take advantage of 5GHz on the Airport Time Capsule … Read more

iPhone users with newer Macs will love the forthcoming Yosemite OS update

I’ve been using the beta of Apple’s forthcoming 10.10 update to its operating system dubbed “Yosemite” for a while. For the most part it has been an evolutionary update because  the biggest update in Yosemite in my opinion is that it more easily allows for your iOS devices (with iOS8) to communicate with the Mac … Read more

iPhone 6 Plus weighs half as much as Retina iPad Mini

I was enjoying Gruber’s review of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus until I got distracted at the ~2000 word mark (not a typo!) when I saw: […]but it feels like a new device, bigger than the iPhone but smaller than the iPad Mini. One size doesn’t fit all, and a 5.5-inch display is just too big … Read more

Pasting Excel tables into WordPress

If you have a site that posts a lot of data and you get a lot of that data in Excel spreadsheets and you use self-hosted WordPress, and you were on certain versions of Excel you might have experienced some problems since WordPress upgraded to version 3.9 last April. For some of you, those problems … Read more

MLB Network Ratings for Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Just testing out some new software. No particular reason for this post other than that. I know that the average age of an MLB TV viewer is even older than I am (and I’m old!), but in the last month of the season, these numbers make me sad. Most of those telecasts would be considered a “scratch” by … Read more