Another good iPhone Trade-in experience with @Gazelle

If you value a low/no-hassle experience over a few extra bucks it’s worth giving Gazelle a look.

I used  Gazelle to trade-in an iPhone 4 a couple of years ago and it was a good experience. I went with them again when I traded in the iPhone 5.

It wasn’t the best price — I could’ve gotten at least $12 more going through another service and even more if I wanted to futz around with selling it myself on EBay. Many people enjoy the steps involved with making a few extra bucks. Not me.

For me those extra steps are obstacles that add up to “I’ll do it later” which usually winds up being never.

Gazelle wasn’t the best price but it was the lowest hurdle. Almost no hurdle really. They send a box perfect for the task with clear instructions on packing which take less than a minute once you’ve prepared the phone.

I dropped it in a blue U.S. Mailbox (believe it or not, they still exist nearby for many of us) on Saturday morning. It was received it Gazelle on Monday morning and by this morning (Tuesday) they had inspected the phone and approved the trade-in.

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