The Petco Problem (Amazon, Duh)

A Petco opened near me about a year ago. It replaced a Pet Food Express. The Petco folks hired very well. The staff is great. They’re friendly, helpful, and definitely love animals. Those are all nice attributes. But for me those attributes can’t offset that Amazon is almost always significantly cheaper. I feel  bad for … Read more

DIY full “TV Everywhere” streaming very doable but not necessarily cheap

I’ve had the newest $150 Slingbox M1 for nearly a month and am happy with it. The TiVo Roamio Plus has a few holes, namely that outside of the home, its WiFi experience is pretty spotty and at this point TiVo still doesn’t offer streaming over cell networks. The TiVo does offer downloading via cell … Read more

I love FX’s ‘The Bridge’ but experiment with Comcast was not for me

I’m a big fan of FX’s ‘The Bridge’ currently in its second (and hopefully not last) season. Earlier this season I was trying to get someone to watch it so I suggested Comcast’s On Demand for catch-up. I noticed the experiment pointed out here by USA Today. It definitely caught my eye that they were … Read more

‘Highly Questionable’ goes on vacation until September 8 (and again until September 15)

Update: ‘Highly Questionable’ did indeed return on 9/8 – for one episode (in a brand new studio) before getting the rest of the week off. A nice schedule if you can get it! The show is back on 9/15 with a full week’s (Monday-Friday) worth of episodes scheduled. Original post: After being suspended by ESPN  two … Read more

I know people love schtick, but Chris Russo’s “High Heat” Intro?

Yeah, it’s a slow summer Friday. Like the headline says, i get that people love schtick. I often love it too. But this regular intro to MLB Network’s ‘High Heat’ by Chris “Mad Dog” Russo? For those looking for some ratings for “High Heat,” the August 5th 1-2p ET telecast averaged 65,000 viewers and the … Read more

Accessing HBO on Xfinity on Demand via TiVo Roamio (Video)

When I came back to “Team TiVo” about 9 months ago I was looking for something and found Dave Zatz’ blog. It’s not all-TiVo all the time, but it covers both popular and obscure video tech that I’m curious about, so I’ve become a regular reader. Yesterday I saw Dave tweet the following: Speaking of … Read more